One ticket please…

Hey hey its my second attempt at the blogosphere thingy! My first blog all I wrote about was on films. I think that was around early 2008? I had lots of time on my hands then it seems. Cut to four years later and I’m struggling to get through even one single movie.  I’m schooling. Working. And broke. Ticket prices have jacked up. All those woes combined at that amounts to way lesser time at the theatre. Sure there are *ahem* other ways to catch movies. But nothing compares to getting excited about a movie and doing research on it through where else but imdb and checking out the trailer and reading all the message boards about the film in question and waiting for the release and when it finally does you set a date and time to go see it (usually the first session in the morning..that way no one sees you there all *gasp* alone in the hall) and then waking up early on movie day and getting dressed up and taking public transport all the way to the other side of the island (where there’s lesser chance of people you know going to that particular venue of course) and then when you finally reach the box office counter you muster up courage to squeak “one ticket please” and you fuck off from that counter and don’t look back and rush to the hall where you *pray* there’s not many people (especially teenagers) and then find a seat away from the other people and when you find one you plop yourself there and wait for the damn adverts to end for the trailers to start and then the lights slowly dim. Oh me used to likey. Sure I tidings follow the conventional pathway of teenage boys playing sports and smoking and talking about..stuff. But I didn’t really give a fudge. Hell I *liked* that part of myself. Sure it was a lonely role to play, but for the painfully shy fruits like myself was *so* much better when there’s no one around to make conversation with. *social anxiety suffrage*

Anyway those days of lone movie watching are over it seems (do come back some time ,ol pal) but I still watch the occasional indie stuff to stay fit and lots of tv dramas. Yeah I started getting into American and British series. Like big time. And this addiction has no doubt dropped my school grades by a notch or two …but I don’t really care. I’ll keep on watching, its the least I can do for myself for all the loss I’ve endured of not visiting the theaters frequently.


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